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About the Artist Rebecca Lardner

Illustrative contemporary artist, Rebecca Lardner was born in Swanage, in Dorset in 1971 and gained a BA Honours degree in Illustration at Liverpool John Moores University, after completing an art foundation course at Bournemouth and Poole College of Art and Design. Lardner quickly rose to prominence in the contemporary art world and became an established name within her chosen illustrative field, attracting the interest of - and gaining commissioned work from - notable individuals and groups.

Works By Rebecca Lardner

  • Family Gathering by Rebecca Lardner
    Family Gathering
  • Waiting in the Wings by Rebecca Lardner
    Waiting in the Wings
  • Harbor Holidays ii by Rebecca Lardner
    Harbor Holidays ii
  • Harbor Holidays i by Rebecca Lardner
    Harbor Holidays i
  • Purrfect Spa by Rebecca Lardner
    Purrfect Spa
  • Paws and Reflect by Rebecca Lardner
    Paws and Reflect
  • Bright and Breezy by Rebecca Lardner
    Bright and Breezy
  • Two of a Kind by Rebecca Lardner
    Two of a Kind
  • Breakfast Table by Rebecca Lardner
    Breakfast Table
  • Gone Fishing by Rebecca Lardner
    Gone Fishing
  • Rocky Romance by Rebecca Lardner
    Rocky Romance
  • Home Birds by Rebecca Lardner
    Home Birds
  • High and Dry II by Rebecca Lardner
    High and Dry II
  • High and Dry I by Rebecca Lardner
    High and Dry I
  • Shore Thing by Rebecca Lardner
    Shore Thing
  • A Fishy Tale by Rebecca Lardner
    A Fishy Tale
  • Sea Side Seat by Rebecca Lardner
    Sea Side Seat
  • Collecting Shells by Rebecca Lardner
    Collecting Shells
  • As We Set Sail by Rebecca Lardner
    As We Set Sail
  • Under The Summer Sun by Rebecca Lardner
    Under The Summer Sun
  • When the Tide Is In by Rebecca Lardner
    When the Tide Is In
  • Serenity For Shore by Rebecca Lardner
    Serenity For Shore
  • On The Lookout by Rebecca Lardner
    On The Lookout
  • Hitching A Ride by Rebecca Lardner
    Hitching A Ride
  • Sea Legs by Rebecca Lardner
    Sea Legs
  • Love Birds by Rebecca Lardner
    Love Birds
  • Rock Star by Rebecca Lardner
    Rock Star
  • Over The Seas I by Rebecca Lardner
    Over The Seas I
  • Over The Seas II by Rebecca Lardner
    Over The Seas II
  • Thats The Way by Rebecca Lardner
    Thats The Way
  • Hen Party - Canvas by Rebecca Lardner
    Hen Party - Canvas
  • Over The Seas I by Rebecca Lardner
    Over The Seas I

As well as being approached to commercially illustrate album covers, record sleeves and magazines amongst other subject matter; Lardner has been invited to submit art for Paul McCartney’s Music Academy. She’s also no stranger to exhibiting her work in galleries across Europe, America and throughout the world, whilst travelling extensively to broaden her creative horizons.

Lardner’s illustrative influences and style direction are taken from acclaimed Cornish artist, Alfred Wallis, who would quite literally fill his canvas with as much South-West coast, fishing village life as was creatively possible, a skill-set that has not been lost by Lardner herself, who also steadfastly champions a much is more mantra when visualizing and composing her hugely popular pieces.

Infinitely twisting, turning, contorted and equally distorted images epitomizing traditional, every day life in west coast seaside villages and towns are very much Lardner’s hallmark, which instantaneously recall long holidays and warm, timeless summers well spent by generations. Orthodox, pastel-rendered fishermen’s cottages, distant figures, harbours, trawlers going about their business and seabirds, theirs, seek to capture the very essence of life and times in and around Dorset, Devon and Cornwall’s coast-clinging settlements.

Lardner tellingly uses her almost skewed perspective and panoramic visions on this tight-knit world so as to accommodate an entire village’s hustle and bustle, and accentuates the otherwise natural sweeping curves of harbours and beaches, horizons and land-breaks to translate the movement and energy of these places and people. These exaggerated compositions are all-enveloping and come together to furnish the viewer with an uncompromised picture and story, set far beyond the parameters of the canvas itself; unapologetically cramming in much and more, yet at the same time finding a balance and sensitivity all of its own.

With a penchant for distinctive, robust blues, greens and greys, as well as cooler hues mixed and lifted from the same palette, Lardner’s typically oil on canvas works of art recognize the industry and enterprise of its locally-sourced populace in a Lowry-esque fashion, drawing a living, breathing, colourful native community out of every piece.

Latest Artworks

Framed Size: 12 x 12 inches

Framed Size: 7 x 15 inches

Framed Size: 12 x 12 inches