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About the Artist Inam

The phrase Ďmagical expressionismí has been coined by the contemporary art community in which to best label Karachi-born artist, Inamís signature style. As labels go, this isnít a bad one to have by any stretch of the imagination and pretty much sums up the South Asianís approach and creative philosophy. Inam, like many artists over the years, has a lot to thank his art teacher for, on account of their encouragement and motivation to get the best out of their student, and Inam cites his primary school teacher for spotting his artistic talent and suggesting that he nurtured it, after clearly demonstrating a natural talent at an early age.

Works By Inam

  • Woodland Quest by Inam
    Woodland Quest
  • Into the Forest by Inam
    Into the Forest
  • Forest Journey by Inam
    Forest Journey
  • Shimmering Rose by Inam
    Shimmering Rose
  • Radiant Gold by Inam
    Radiant Gold
  • Season Of Gold by Inam
    Season Of Gold
  • Season Of Shadow by Inam
    Season Of Shadow
  • Season Of Light by Inam
    Season Of Light
  • Season Of Mists by Inam
    Season Of Mists
  • Winter Wonder by Inam
    Winter Wonder
  • Vibrant Shades by Inam
    Vibrant Shades
  • Spring Light by Inam
    Spring Light
  • Summer Warmth by Inam
    Summer Warmth
  • Autumn Moment by Inam
    Autumn Moment
  • Woodland Whispers by Inam
    Woodland Whispers
  • Autumn Adventure by Inam
    Autumn Adventure
  • Summer Quest by Inam
    Summer Quest
  • Winter Wanderer by Inam
    Winter Wanderer
  • Spring Journey by Inam
    Spring Journey
  • Emerald Glow by Inam
    Emerald Glow
  • Forest Glow by Inam
    Forest Glow
  • Autumn Shades - White Frame by Inam
    Autumn Shades - White Frame
  • Autumn Shades by Inam
    Autumn Shades
  • Golden Summer - White Frame by Inam
    Golden Summer - White Frame
  • Golden Summer by Inam
    Golden Summer
  • Snow Shadows - White Frame by Inam
    Snow Shadows - White Frame
  • Snow Shadows by Inam
    Snow Shadows
  • Winter Dreams - White Frame by Inam
    Winter Dreams - White Frame
  • Winter Dreams by Inam
    Winter Dreams
  • Autumn Splendour - White Frame by Inam
    Autumn Splendour - White Frame
  • Summer Glory - White Frame by Inam
    Summer Glory - White Frame
  • Summer Glory by Inam
    Summer Glory

Under their guidance, Inam was taught the essentials of sketching and painting in a relaxed environ.

When the opportunities arose in later years, and to explore and channel this gift further, Inam chose to enrol in art schools in three very different, culturally diverse cities, yet three which had their own well-respected artist communities and movements. London, Istanbul and Atlanta were the proving ground for Inam to realise and fine tune his creativity, and afford him greater insights into the way alternative cultures translated their art. With his extensive and well-travelled art education behind him, Inam turned professional in 2001, and has since exhibited his collections in London, Atlanta, Las Vegas and High Point, North Carolina, as well as his home city of Karachi; winning over new followers with each showcasing.

Having experimented with still art to pure abstract, from more conventional portraits to landscapes, Inam settled on landscapes, and is the area in which heís made his name. And itís this unique artwork thatís been the centre of interior attention in multi-million dollar mansions, large charitable organisationsí HQs and aboard luxury yachts in recent times, as his stock as an up and coming contemporary artist rises.

Inamís art itself depicts otherwise still and uneventful, classic woodland and forest scenes with a stunning, evocative twist. His fluid injection of vibrant, majestic colours, countered by the sublime way he draws the trunk of the trees from the canvas is, as dubbed, magical. There really is no other word for it. Displaying a penchant for the unassuming silver birch tree, native of many countries across the globe, Inam breathes new life into a centuries old art form, and paints nature in a brave, bold and above all else, bombastic fashion. The ready depth and almost tortured texture of his rich greens, enigmatic reds, luminous yellows and ice whites balance perfectly with the silver-most of the homely, familiar birch itself and you can envisage immediately how any of his studies would transform even the most inviting of rooms.

Itís Inamís belief that the role of an artist is to deepen the mystery of nature, and to project some of their own energies and that of the life-giving universe itself into the artwork, so that when viewed the painting is seen as being alive, and therein this life will ultimately reflected back. Citing Matisse as an inspiration, Inam insists that art is parallel with nature, something which clearly shines through in his collective works.

Latest Artworks

Framed Size: 16 x 12 inches

Framed Size: 16 x 12 inches

Framed Size: 16 x 12 inches