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About the Artist Nic Joly

According to Nic Joly, ceilings are a criminally under used area for art work (although he may have actually said ‘seriously’ rather than ‘criminally), and to stress this point the critically acclaimed contemporary sculpture artist invites us to ‘look up at the blank canvas above (our) heads’. Go on, give it a try. You’ll see what Joly means. The thing is, it doesn’t matter where you discover a signature Joly sculpture, as its impact and innovative qualities are dramatic in every case. The purveyor and small scale artistic engineer of painstakingly detailed miniature scenes inspired by real life was born in 1973 and launched his creative odyssey in a professional capacity within the employed context of a stained glass and metalwork workshop in the south of England.

Works By Nic Joly

  • The Art Of Making Love - Studio Edition by Nic Joly
    The Art Of Making Love - Studio Edition
  • The Art Of Making Love by Nic Joly
    The Art Of Making Love
  • Lift Off by Nic Joly
    Lift Off
  • Life's Secret by Nic Joly
    Life's Secret
  • Line Dancing by Nic Joly
    Line Dancing
  • Law of Attraction by Nic Joly
    Law of Attraction
  • Cloud Nine - Boutique Edition by Nic Joly
    Cloud Nine - Boutique Edition
  • Ascension - Boutique Edition by Nic Joly
    Ascension - Boutique Edition
  • Devolution - Boutique Edition by Nic Joly
    Devolution - Boutique Edition
  • Once Upon A Time by Nic Joly
    Once Upon A Time
  • London Calling by Nic Joly
    London Calling
  • Uplifting by Nic Joly
  • The Only Way by Nic Joly
    The Only Way
  • Britains Got Talent by Nic Joly
    Britains Got Talent
  • Keeping The Spark Alive by Nic Joly
    Keeping The Spark Alive
  • It Is A Hard Life by Nic Joly
    It Is A Hard Life
  • Can I Come Down Now Dad? by Nic Joly
    Can I Come Down Now Dad?
  • Painting The Town Red by Nic Joly
    Painting The Town Red
  • Never Forgotten - Wall Sculpture by Nic Joly
    Never Forgotten - Wall Sculpture
  • Keeping The Spark Alive by Nic Joly
    Keeping The Spark Alive
  • Good Idea? by Nic Joly
    Good Idea?
  • Bad Idea? by Nic Joly
    Bad Idea?
  • United Kingdom by Nic Joly
    United Kingdom
  • The Devil's Work by Nic Joly
    The Devil's Work
  • Creation by Nic Joly
  • The Answer by Nic Joly
    The Answer
  • Why Not? by Nic Joly
    Why Not?
  • The One & Only Ten by Nic Joly
    The One & Only Ten
  • On The Summit by Nic Joly
    On The Summit
  • The Pen Is Mightier Than The Sword by Nic Joly
    The Pen Is Mightier Than The Sword
  • Some Like It Hot by Nic Joly
    Some Like It Hot
  • Recreational Drugs - Wall Sculpture by Nic Joly
    Recreational Drugs - Wall Sculpture

After this Joly then went on to study at The Winchester School of Art in Hampshire, and following the fulfilling of a number of privately commissioned works (manifest in both glass and bronze) he went on to enrol at John Makepeace’s College, Parnham House; where Joly undertook an apprenticeship in furniture design and manufacture.
During his training period, Joly got the opportunity to study at Chicago’s Art Institute in America as part of a popular exchange program offered between the two creative establishments at the time, which afforded the still very impressionable Joly alternative design insights. In 1996 Joly concluded his apprenticeship and associated studies at Parnham, and at his graduation (which incidentally was staged in show form at the Cork Street exhibition) received three key awards which singled his works out above his fellow students that year.
Since then, Joly has endeavoured to perfect the brand of artistic expression which we see today, through an often laborious process of development and natural evolution of his preferred style. His hallmark sculptures heavily feature Joly’s intricate figurines in the thick of the envisaged visual action, which are typically crafted from wire, paper and clay for the most part, and which bigger pictures have subsequently gone on to grab the headlines within his chosen genre and beyond. To date, Joly’s scaled down versions of everyday life have cropped up in various mainstream publications, such as the World of Interiors, House and Gardens, Wallpaper, Town and Country House and the Daily Mail amongst others. Exposure which has helped cement Joly’s growing reputation and seen his work meet with new audiences.
Fast forward to 2005, and the body of as-yet-unseen work which was unbeknownst to him (or an unsuspecting contemporary sculpture world at large) set to launch his career and place him firmly on the genre map was being originated, illustratively mapped out and potential realised by Joly. Only launched in the public eye as of 2012, Joly’s pivotal ‘Underfoot’ portfolio was dreamed up and physically initiated some seven years previously, yet as fans of his work, seasoned collectors and critics alike would quickly point out, well worth the prolonged wait.
Describing his now seminal ‘Underfoot’ collection and works which have been released since as ‘theatre to get lost in’, Joly insists that his hugely popular studies-in-small are simply framed versions of every day feelings, thoughts, imagined and observed events, and that through the pieces’ diminutive stature form a mood of omnipotence in the viewer’s perception, which in turn can make some believe that they are voyeurs, inexplicably drawn to the figures within the governed parameters of the sculpture’s presence. To put a slightly better way, Joly implies that the viewer shares a certain intimacy with his creations, comparing it to the overwhelming sense of familiarity you experience when peering into a museum display case; or someone else’s life when reading about or watching something on TV which invites the viewer right there into that person’s immediate world.
Courtesy of exemplary and far-reaching design rather than accident, Joly feels that the glass and frames which often encase his loyal subject matters – complete with their hidden and in some cases, not so hidden (and occasionally controversial, if not thought provoking) messages – contain and to an exaggerated degree, compress the world sealed within; subsequently suspending time itself, as well as all the creation’s accompanying humour, fear, happiness and dilemmas focused on many of our realities.
Citing the mesmerising and equally unique works of the revered likes of Hieronymous Bosch and Bruegel, have long inspired Joly and he has explained many times how he routinely gets lost in their intricate works, and the feelings that they evoke. Via his playful yet powerful narratives which are always encapsulated within his three-dimensional pieces, Joly attempts to connect real people with his imagined people and artistically highlight their struggles and hopes, adding (in the artist’s words); “In my own small way I strive to create my own worlds and sculptures to ask and bring to the forefront the dilemmas and questions that we all feel and face day to day, as well as highlight the madness around us”.

Latest Artworks

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