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About the Artist Caro Saintvre

With a family tree of fine art painters, it is with no surprise that Caro SaintVire has followed in the footsteps of her mother and grandfather who was also a sculptor. Caro herself studied Fine Art at the University of Brighton, graduating with a first-class degree. She then went on to the prestigious Chelsea College of Art and Design to hone her skills, style and techniques on a postgrad course.

Working within the field of abstract realism Caro is inspired by the awesome natural world around us. Her paintings are partly formed from her extensive travels in the USA and Europe, having lived in the Swiss Alps among colossal mountains, huge skies and enormous spaces these have without doubt influenced her incredibly fluid atmospheric land and skyscapes.

Now settled in the UK, living on the South Coast SaintVire is continually inspired by the spectacular sunrises, sunsets and skies in general which change daily.

Works By Caro Saintvre

  • Under a Rose Gold Sky by Caro Saintvre
    Under a Rose Gold Sky
  • Majestic Skies by Caro Saintvre
    Majestic Skies
  • Shimmering Breeze by Caro Saintvre
    Shimmering Breeze
  • On Glistening Tides by Caro Saintvre
    On Glistening Tides
  • Summer Storm by Caro Saintvre
    Summer Storm
  • Island Breeze by Caro Saintvre
    Island Breeze
  • Nocturn Dark Shores by Caro Saintvre
    Nocturn Dark Shores

Latest Artworks

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Framed Size: 110 x 135 cm

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