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About the Artist Danny Abrahams

Born and raised in Bradford, West Yorkshire in 1977, the hugely popular and graphically engaging Abrahams talks candidly of life being this wonderful journey which takes you where it does, and all the time furnishing your mind and soul with special memories which you never forget; with emphasis placed on those unique childhood memories in particular. The completely self-taught artist perpetually invites us to tune into our own vivid imaginations so as to effortlessly be drawn into the various worlds he creates on his original canvases, a world where summer holidays are eternal and the blessed snow overwhelms your wellies. And believe us, it's a call that's impossible to ignore when you're confronted with the fruits of Abraham's imagination's labours.

Works By Danny Abrahams

  • I'm Batting Next- Canvas by Danny Abrahams
    I'm Batting Next- Canvas
  • I'm Battling Next - Paper by Danny Abrahams
    I'm Battling Next - Paper
  • Time Does't Fly - Canvas by Danny Abrahams
    Time Does't Fly - Canvas
  • Time Does't Fly - Paper by Danny Abrahams
    Time Does't Fly - Paper
  • I'm Only Happy When It Rains - Paper by Danny Abrahams
    I'm Only Happy When It Rains - Paper
  • I'm Only Happy When It Rains - Canvas by Danny Abrahams
    I'm Only Happy When It Rains - Canvas
  • Its Starting to Snow Again by Danny Abrahams
    Its Starting to Snow Again
  • Purple Haze by Danny Abrahams
    Purple Haze
  • Drifting Thoughts by Danny Abrahams
    Drifting Thoughts
  • You Looking At Me? by Danny Abrahams
    You Looking At Me?

Taking a keen interest in sketching and painting from an early age, Abrahams didn't fully appreciate nor realise his artisitic potential until the advent of his thirties, as his career path took an altogether different route up to that juncture. That's not to say it wasn't a creative detour in its own right, only taking the form of a different department. Seizing on the love for music he developed and nurtured during his teenage years, Abrahams quickly sought to become something of an accomplished musician once he departed an educational surround. This eventually led to the (now) much sought after contemporary landscape artisan penning his own songs as well as making up the guitar element of the rock band, 'The Hoover Dams'. Despite acknowledging what he himself refers to as moderate success with the band (which also resulted in gigging at venues throughout the UK, doing live radio sessions and appearing on national TV), Abrahams found himself hankering after another branch of the creative tree instead, and realised that his life-long love of art was winning the battle.

So as he welcomed in his third decade, Abrahams set about forging a new direction in his life and times, and to focus his attention firmly on his art. Although he still enjoys the process of writing songs and performing, art has now become the professional crux of his daily bread and constantly seeks to improve and better himself with every new piece he approaches and completes. Speaking openly about the resultant change of pace and direction which his art has afforded him, Abrahams says; "On reaching my thirties, I have been fortunate enough to finally find a passion that, not only fulfils my creative nature but also allows me to bring pleasure to others".

As we touched on earlier, Abrahams favours working almost exclusively with oils on canvas, which he describes as the perfect medium for honestly capturing the many changing moods of the landscapes he chooses to compositionally interpret; believing that its versatility ensures that he manifests captivating and atmospheric studies. Championing a diverse palette, to Abrahams' mind every blank canvas represents the beginning of a brand new adventure, and as a proud Yorkshireman he's habitually inspired by the stunning vistas and breathtaking natural panoramas which this northern landscape historically provides.

Whether it's from staring through the window on a cold and wet evening or taking a stroll through the Dales on a Summer's day, Abrahams' love of his surrounding environment is clear for all to see in his hallmark works, and he constantly strives to find the beauty in everyday images, while always adopting the sky's powerful presence in the majority of his illustrative features. As Abrahams himself puts it; "The overall beauty , emptiness , rawness and power of an everyday natural wonder that most of us take for granted never ceases to amaze me".

Indeed, Abrahams' gift for visually cementing the many moods of the landscape and pairing it with the magical skyscapes which have set his work apart from his contemporaries has helped him garner an impressive following of collectors, with art critics also lending their voice of approval when discussing his merit and place in the bigger picture as it were.

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