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About the Artist Rob Bishop

Rob Bishop is a Hertfordshire based artist whose artistic journey started when he studied graphic design and model making at University. He works as an independent artist exhibiting his pieces exclusively in select galleries throughout the UK.
For a number of years he worked as a cabinet maker and by utilising all his skills developed a unique style of art which combines modern technology with classic techniques. His work is mixed media consisting of digital art, wood work, painting and drawing.
Rob creates the image digitally using a variety of techniques such as drawing, image manipulation and collage. He engraves the image onto 12mm maple veneered board to give a 3D reference image which he develops by sketching in details. Only then can each piece be hand painted by building up many layers of wood stains and lacquer.
Rob creates both one off Originals and Original Variation (OV). An Original Variation is one of a series of numbered Originals using the same reference image. Each is an Original in its own right as they are created and painted from scratch, they are not prints
Each piece with its bespoke wooden frame has been created in its entirety from scratch. All of his works and frames are signed & thumb printed.

Works By Rob Bishop

  • James Dean Noir by Rob Bishop
    James Dean Noir
  • Mini Elvis by Rob Bishop
    Mini Elvis
  • Comic On Wade Wilson by Rob Bishop
    Comic On Wade Wilson
  • Marilyn Triptych by Rob Bishop
    Marilyn Triptych
  • Deadpool $100 Dollar Bill by Rob Bishop
    Deadpool $100 Dollar Bill
  • The Joker $100 Bill by Rob Bishop
    The Joker $100 Bill
  • The Joker by Rob Bishop
    The Joker
  • The Dark Knight by Rob Bishop
    The Dark Knight
  • Amy Winehouse by Rob Bishop
    Amy Winehouse
  • Prince by Rob Bishop
  • Bowie by Rob Bishop
  • Hepburn Gold by Rob Bishop
    Hepburn Gold
  • Monroe Gold by Rob Bishop
    Monroe Gold
  • Web Slinger by Rob Bishop
    Web Slinger
  • So Serious by Rob Bishop
    So Serious
  • The Bride $100 Bill by Rob Bishop
    The Bride $100 Bill
  • The Modfather by Rob Bishop
    The Modfather
  • John Lennon by Rob Bishop
    John Lennon
  • Clown Prince OV1 by Rob Bishop
    Clown Prince OV1
  • Deadpool by Rob Bishop
  • Comic On Deadpool (OV3) by Rob Bishop
    Comic On Deadpool (OV3)
  • Comic On Luke by Rob Bishop
    Comic On Luke
  • Comic On Harley Quinn by Rob Bishop
    Comic On Harley Quinn
  • Comic On Vader by Rob Bishop
    Comic On Vader
  • Deadpool (OV2) by Rob Bishop
    Deadpool (OV2)
  • Captain America by Rob Bishop
    Captain America
  • Comic On Stark by Rob Bishop
    Comic On Stark
  • Hell Boy by Rob Bishop
    Hell Boy
  • Cassius Clay by Rob Bishop
    Cassius Clay
  • Terminator by Rob Bishop
  • Stark by Rob Bishop
  • Who You Gonna Call? by Rob Bishop
    Who You Gonna Call?

Latest Artworks

Framed Size: 40 x 15 inches

Framed Size: 36 x 18 inches

Framed Size: 35 x 35 inches