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About the Artist Russell Flint

He was a much loved landscape painter and watercolourist, who is most famous for his female nudes. As an artist Russell Flint was much respected by his contemporaries. The son of a commercial painter and at age 14 was apprenticed to a firm of lithographs where Russell spent 6 years learning about lithography and printing.Born in Edinburgh, Scotland 4th April 1880, his remarkable talent was discovered at an early age.

Works By Russell Flint

  • The Iced Drink by Russell Flint
    The Iced Drink
  • Ripples And Chatter by Russell Flint
    Ripples And Chatter
  • The Notice Board, La Voulte Sur Rhone by Russell Flint
    The Notice Board, La Voulte Sur Rhone
  • The Red Portfolio by Russell Flint
    The Red Portfolio
  • The Skier, Switzerland by Russell Flint
    The Skier, Switzerland
  • Quintet by Russell Flint
  • Sicilian Rendezvous by Russell Flint
    Sicilian Rendezvous
  • Gossip from the Village, Autichamp by Russell Flint
    Gossip from the Village, Autichamp
  • Cecilia Reading Poems by Russell Flint
    Cecilia Reading Poems
  • Antoinette's Alley, Vaugelas by Russell Flint
    Antoinette's Alley, Vaugelas
  • The Street With The Sundial by Russell Flint
    The Street With The Sundial
  • Fun On The Sands, Bamburgh by Russell Flint
    Fun On The Sands, Bamburgh
  • Variations VI by Russell Flint
    Variations VI
  • Cecilia and Joanna by Russell Flint
    Cecilia and Joanna
  • A Gift Of Gladioli by Russell Flint
    A Gift Of Gladioli
  • The Newspaper by Russell Flint
    The Newspaper
  • The Beach Game by Russell Flint
    The Beach Game
  • Souvenir Of Barbaste by Russell Flint
    Souvenir Of Barbaste
  • The Aquaduct by Francis Russell Flint by Russell Flint
    The Aquaduct by Francis Russell Flint
  • Cecilia Reading by Russell Flint
    Cecilia Reading
  • Cecilia Reclining by Russell Flint
    Cecilia Reclining
  • Amanda by Russell Flint
  • Cecilia by Russell Flint
  • Cecilia & Her Studies by Russell Flint
    Cecilia & Her Studies
  • Cecilia In April by Russell Flint
    Cecilia In April
  • In Sunny Perigord by Russell Flint
    In Sunny Perigord
  • Mademoiselle Sophie by Russell Flint
    Mademoiselle Sophie
  • Model Reclining by Russell Flint
    Model Reclining
  • Models In An Italian Courtyard by Russell Flint
    Models In An Italian Courtyard
  • Pool Of Echoes by Russell Flint
    Pool Of Echoes
  • Studio Accessories by Russell Flint
    Studio Accessories
  • Subject Of Two by Russell Flint
    Subject Of Two

Having been a student at the Royal Institution School of Art in Edinburgh, and serving a six year apprenticeship at a large printing works, he decided to move to London to become a medical illustrator at the age of 20.In 1903 he joined the Illustrated London News which took his talents to the far reaches of the British Empire thanks to its extensive distribution.

He married Sibylle Sueter in 1905 and eventually became a freelance artist in 1907 which lead him to illustrate a number of classical limited editions such as Mallory's 'Morte D'Arthur', Chaucer's 'Canterbury Tales' and Homer's 'Odyssey'.

He served in the First World War and became Admiralty Assistant Overseer - Airships. This took him back to his native Scotland, where in 1919 he painted a tiny watercolour called' Hilda's Bonnet' on the linen of a fragment of HM Airship 24 which he had previously commanded.

Post World War I, William Russell Flint's artistic career began to flourish. He painted in France and Spain (until the Civil War), where he produced wonderful paintings reflecting the local scenery and culture.

He was elected Associate of the Royal Academy in 1924, full member in 1933 and in 1936 became President of the Royal Society of Painters in Watercolour. After living in Devon during the Second World War, he and his wife moved back to London where the post war period became Russell Flint's greatest.

His talent with both the watercolour medium and his skill in depicting the female form created a hallmark style which would later become legendary.

In 1947 William Russell Flint was knighted. In 1962 his work was acknowledged by a retrospective exhibition in the Diploma Gallery of the Royal Academy. At the time, Charles Wheeler, the President, paid tribute to the artist, describing his watercolour technique as a 'baffling skill'.

As he became better known he took the opportunity to travel, and Russell Flint painted extensively wherever he went ... spending much time in continental Europe, especially Spain, France, Italy and Switzerland, as well as back in Scotland.

Latest Artworks

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