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About the Artist Mr Kuu

Mr. Kuu is a fine art photographer who uses macro photography coupled with modified miniature figures to present a new take on the world around us. His locations are often painstakingly scouted and often stumbled upon accidentally, his imaginings are both deliberated over nightly and inspired in a second, but his photography is always beautiful, always considered and always truthful. Mr. Kuu fiercely avoids image manipulation as he aspires to present life as you’ve rarely seen it; as a microcosm.

In the three years since revealing his photographic observations to the world Mr. Kuu has exhibited in galleries worldwide.

Works By Mr Kuu

  • Daily Grind by Mr Kuu
    Daily Grind
  • Breakfast At Tiffanys by Mr Kuu
    Breakfast At Tiffanys
  • You're my Wonderwall by Mr Kuu
    You're my Wonderwall
  • One in a Million by Mr Kuu
    One in a Million
  • Roll with Me by Mr Kuu
    Roll with Me
  • Just Five More Minutes by Mr Kuu
    Just Five More Minutes
  • First Dance by Mr Kuu
    First Dance
  • Check Mate by Mr Kuu
    Check Mate
  • Double Word Score by Mr Kuu
    Double Word Score

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