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About the Artist Domenech

I was born in Barcelona in 1952, and i come from a working class family. My grandfather together with my father, had a little carpenter�s workshop in the centre of Barcelona. Therefore i practically grew up in between the wood, furniture, glue, sandpaper and varnishes used in the workshop.

Works By Domenech

  • Meditations & LE print by Domenech
    Meditations & LE print
  • Meditations - Standard by Domenech
    Meditations - Standard
  • Silencio - Paper by Domenech
    Silencio - Paper
  • First Thoughts (Sleeping) - Paper by Domenech
    First Thoughts (Sleeping) - Paper
  • In Her Arms - On Canvas by Domenech
    In Her Arms - On Canvas
  • Morning Light - Paper by Domenech
    Morning Light - Paper
  • Morning Light - On Canvas by Domenech
    Morning Light - On Canvas
  • Dormiendo - Paper by Domenech
    Dormiendo - Paper
  • Pensativa - Paper by Domenech
    Pensativa - Paper
  • Grace - On Canvas by Domenech
    Grace - On Canvas
  • The Silk Robe - Canvas by Domenech
    The Silk Robe - Canvas
  • Sonando - Paper by Domenech
    Sonando - Paper
  • Sonando - Canvas by Domenech
    Sonando - Canvas

Although I studied, like all the other children in Spain in the 1950�s, my education was directed to the carpentry trade, following in the family tradition. But I have to say my passions were for art and design , I was not very good at Mathematics and other subjects. I then took drawing lessons (Technical design) from a private teacher who was a close friend of the family, and had in fact taught my father painting when he was younger.

He too had a love for the subject. My father had painted at least 30 canvasses and I remember as a child how we used to visit the exhibitions on Sunday evening�s to see his work. This was as routine as our weekly Sunday evening family walk.

When I finished my professional education in wood work I spent some time in the Tarrega Academy where I then perfected my drawing and I learned the technique of charcoal drawing. I would draw the shapes of sculptures such as David�s Miguel Angel, Milo�s Venus, Seneca�s head and many more. This learning served a basis for the next three years, where I studied design at the High School of Arts and Crafts in the Masana School, Barcelona.

My professional life as an artist began in 1989, when I left the carpentry business, and dedicated myself full-time to painting. In 1974 I presented my work to the Sala Pares � a prestigious gallery in Barcelona, which was a great opportunity for any young artist. The selection of my work was a pleasant surprise to them, which pleased me greatly as it was the first time that any of the public had viewed my work before..

Latest Artworks

Framed Size: 10.5 x 10.5 inches

Framed Size: 16 x 16 inches

Framed Size: 610 x 318 mm