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About the Artist Henderson Cisz

Born near Maringa, found lying within the Parana State of Brazil in 1960, Henderson Cisz showed an earlier interest in art, yet rather than taking up what might well be justifiably referred to as a calling as a profession in life, he instead elected to follow a career in banking, whilst keeping up painting purely as a hobby. However, by the middle of the 1980s, Cisz’s possible conflicts between his heart and his head resulted in an eventual victory to the former, as he decided to turn his back on the world of high finance and concentrate his efforts on art.

Works By Henderson Cisz

  • Tower Bridge Stroll by Henderson Cisz
    Tower Bridge Stroll
  • Heading To St Pauls by Henderson Cisz
    Heading To St Pauls
  • Rooftops of London by Henderson Cisz
    Rooftops of London
  • City of Dreams by Henderson Cisz
    City of Dreams
  • City of Lights by Henderson Cisz
    City of Lights
  • City of Love by Henderson Cisz
    City of Love
  • City of Life by Henderson Cisz
    City of Life
  • Love Affair with London by Henderson Cisz
    Love Affair with London
  • Heart of Manhattan by Henderson Cisz
    Heart of Manhattan
  • Venetian Lovesong by Henderson Cisz
    Venetian Lovesong
  • Memories of London by Henderson Cisz
    Memories of London
  • Dreaming of Venice by Henderson Cisz
    Dreaming of Venice
  • East Is East by Henderson Cisz
    East Is East
  • Postcard From Paris by Henderson Cisz
    Postcard From Paris
  • Vacation in Venice by Henderson Cisz
    Vacation in Venice
  • Weekend In Westminster by Henderson Cisz
    Weekend In Westminster
  • Times Square Tour by Henderson Cisz
    Times Square Tour
  • Twilight Ponte Di Rialto by Henderson Cisz
    Twilight Ponte Di Rialto
  • Lamplight, South Bank by Henderson Cisz
    Lamplight, South Bank
  • Winter Palace by Henderson Cisz
    Winter Palace
  • London by Lamplight by Henderson Cisz
    London by Lamplight
  • Sacre Coeur, Midnight by Henderson Cisz
    Sacre Coeur, Midnight
  • Venice By Night by Henderson Cisz
    Venice By Night
  • After Dark, Times Square by Henderson Cisz
    After Dark, Times Square
  • Westminster Morning by Henderson Cisz
    Westminster Morning
  • Times Square Morning by Henderson Cisz
    Times Square Morning
  • Winter in Westminster by Henderson Cisz
    Winter in Westminster
  • Time Square at Twilight by Henderson Cisz
    Time Square at Twilight
  • Paris In The Snow by Henderson Cisz
    Paris In The Snow
  • Panini, Pretzels, Pernod and Paint Open Edition by Henderson Cisz
    Panini, Pretzels, Pernod and Paint Open Edition
  • Panini, Pretzels, Pernod and Paint Limited Edition by Henderson Cisz
    Panini, Pretzels, Pernod and Paint Limited Edition
  • Midtown View by Henderson Cisz
    Midtown View

Cisz’s first step on this road to creative enlightenment was to relocate to somewhere that would provide the inspiration to see him succeed in this new arena, which culminated in him relocating to London in order to study painting. Whilst making the UK’s capital city his home, Cisz has collated many air miles circumnavigating the globe, taking in the diverse and engaging sights and sounds of Europe and Australia as part of his self-taught artistic education. Cisz’s travels have taken in New York, Paris, Venice and the place he now calls home, London. Essentially backdrops that have captivated and moved generations of artists and metropolises that beguile and ultimately beckon some of the most prolific and icon artists of our time. Despite citing a love of the ocean, the relentless movement of its waves and the freedom and life that it evokes, for the most part Cisz has drawn his creative inspiration from the world’s most cosmopolitan and culturally diverse cityscapes, and is fascinated by the concept of urban nightlife and the scenes in which manifest themselves.

Flitting between the application of acrylic, oil and watercolour on every surface from paper and canvas through to board and box canvas, Cisz is almost spellbound by the fashion in which the element’s – and most notably, rain – effects an urban landscape. It’s this fascination with the interactions shadows and reflections have with the terrain, that so paints his metropolitan cityscapes, that continues to fire Cisz’s imagination. At the same time, the Brazilian-born artist waxes lyrical about how the hunched shoulders and defensive postures that characterize us when braced against the ills of less clement weather add a further unexplored dimension to the interpretation of his classic studies. Be it rain, sleet or snow, twilight also provided the perfect ambience for Cisz, and in particular the way light – both natural and artificial – would proffer altered perspectives on a given subject.

It’s fair to say that Cisz is arguably at his most creative when surrounded by organised chaos, as his West London studio space is testament to. That’s according to sources who’ve visited him at his creative enclave, situated in close proximity to the River Thames and describe wall strewn with paintbrush-flicked colour, canvasses propped up against said walls juxtapositioned by family photos, sketches and various works in progress.

Cisz has accumulated many industry accolades over recent years, notable among which are his Artist of the Year award, as voted by UK galleries and the coveted John Solomon Trophy, which is presented annually to the artist judged to have had the greatest impact on the contemporary market during the preceding 12 months. Elsewhere Cisz has been handed such title as Best Up and Coming Artist, Artist of the Year and Best-Selling Artist, while he claimed number one spot in the Art Business Today, Best-Selling Images Poll 2007, sponsored by Epson.

Some of Cisz’s most famous and instantly recognizable works include; "Paris en Nuit," "Whitehall, London," "New York, New York," "Yellow Cab," "San Francisco Dawn," and "Street Scene, Paris" are some of the works in his 'Urban Style' collection. Historically, London galleries and international art fairs tend to showcase his collections.

Latest Artworks

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Framed Size: 14 x 14 inches

Framed Size: 14 x 14 inches