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About the Artist Ed Rust

Everyone remembers being tasked with creating spindly, long-limbed figures from wire, aided and abetted by the manipulation of that strange white-coloured plaster or Paris mixed with plaster bandage material (when dampened) at High School art classes, no? Maybe it’s just us then. Thankfully someone who might (or might not) have flashbacks to this technique as his first experience of sculpting is the critically acclaimed contemporary sculpture art practitioner, Ed Rust. A man with an impossibly cool name, yet a white hot creative talent when it comes to manifesting immensely elegant figures which effortlessly mirror very human forms and function.

Works By Ed Rust

  • Go For Goal by Ed Rust
    Go For Goal
  • Making the Break by Ed Rust
    Making the Break
  • Sealed With A Kiss by Ed Rust
    Sealed With A Kiss
  • Stepping Out by Ed Rust
    Stepping Out
  • Hold Tight by Ed Rust
    Hold Tight

Today Rust can be found residing near the East coast of Yorkshire town of Hornsea, from where he envisages, crafts and graphically engineers his Giocametti-esque figures from a fusion of raw materials. In no particular order they are; wire, wood, paint and varnish and convey a very real, human-like aesthetic, despite being considerably more diminutive in stature than your average person. These remarkably quirky characters take on and indeed, mimic human movements, which belies their otherwise static existence. Tackling a variety of subject and imagined scenarios. Rust’s very able-bodied creations can be observed cycling and dog-walking, and are habitually captured in a host of light-hearted postures derived from either a sporty or generally outdoorsy subject.

Simplicity of form is the key to Rust’s eye-catching iterations, the art of which he was grounded in all those years ago when studying Fine Art at Batley Art College in Yorkshire. It was there where he got his first taste of sculpture and ceramics too, a love of which was destined to crop up again, albeit later on his career journey. That’s right, because on leaving higher education behind him, Rust proceeded not to pursue a sculpting vocation, instead turning his attentions to other creative endeavours, benefitting from a more, how can we put it, corporate bent. Cue a varied career which subsequently covered a number of diverse quarters, including a gamut of radio and TV work, followed by stints in freelance teaching, creative writing, computer art, video production and online book publishing. With a full and productive media-based schedule to strictly adhere to over the years which panned out before him, Rust understandably had little if any spare time to return to his fledgling passion for three-dimensional sculpting. Not until retirement homed in on the horizon, at least.

In fact, it wasn’t until as recently as 2013 that the (now) widely regarded – and best-selling – Rust re-immersed himself in that first creative love we speak of. Taking up the generation-spanning story, Rust says; “Eventually in 2013 I enrolled on a stone carving course in Lincoln, thinking it might be mildly interesting”, going on to add; “and I’m happy to say the bug really got me.” That juncture proved the spark and moreover, the catalyst on which to go for broke and dedicate the next chapter in Rust’s life to another labour of love; one which had been lying dormant for as long as he cared to recall. According to the smitten Rust himself, all that he could focus on from that point forward was sculpture, and in his own continued words; “when I wasn’t chipping limestone and marble I was twisting wire and making quirky wire sculptures which friends loved and wanted to buy.”

With good news always tending to travel fast, it wasn’t long before a local gallery got wind of Rust’s unique wire-formed sculptures and enquired as to whether or not they could sell them on his behalf. More than happy/excited to oblige, Rust entrusted his work to date with said gallery and so began the next phase in his creative odyssey to which we’ll be adding inserts and updates for a very long time to come….

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