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About the Artist Louise Dear

Very hallucinogenic. Trippy. LSD-ish. Flower power, hippies and CND-ery. That’s probably how one might describe a typical Louise Dear composition when hypothetically discussing the celebrated contemporary fine artist’s work to a total stranger. It’s all about the female face you see. And long, cascading hair. And flowers, there’s nearly always flowers somewhere in the composition; normally framing the young woman’s face. And the young woman can often look familiar too. Bridget Bardot-esque in many pictorial turns. And then there’s the psychedelic washes that Dear furnishes her signature visuals with adding to this 60s theme to our mind.

When you learn of Dear’s upbringing though, her approach to art makes a deal more sense, and sort of tie-dyes in with what we hinted at in the intro. Born in Hampshire, Dear’s mother was what she refers to as a beautiful, artistic and free-spirited woman, whilst her father was a far more regimentally presented naval officer. With the family moving around courtesy of Dear’s dad’s services career, her memories during her early, formative years were of predominantly exotic locations the family uprooted to on a regular basis. South Africa and the Far East being two which she recalls well.

Works By Louise Dear

  • Rude by Louise Dear
  • Frisson.... Love by Louise Dear
    Frisson.... Love
  • Dreaming Of Mandalay by Louise Dear
    Dreaming Of Mandalay
  • You Are My Sunshine My Only Sunshine by Louise Dear
    You Are My Sunshine My Only Sunshine
  • Our Young Queen by Louise Dear
    Our Young Queen
  • Like I Feel It by Louise Dear
    Like I Feel It
  • Do You Feel It by Louise Dear
    Do You Feel It
  • Because I Can by Louise Dear
    Because I Can
  • Because  I Can by Louise Dear
    Because I Can
  • Love by Louise Dear
  • Kiss Me (Blush) by Louise Dear
    Kiss Me (Blush)
  • Boops II by Louise Dear
    Boops II
  • Boops I by Louise Dear
    Boops I
  • Yum Yum (Summer Love) by Louise Dear
    Yum Yum (Summer Love)
  • Yum Yum (Summer Haze) by Louise Dear
    Yum Yum (Summer Haze)
  • Delicious Daydream by Louise Dear
    Delicious Daydream
  • What Now My Love by Louise Dear
    What Now My Love
  • Daydream (Blue) by Louise Dear
    Daydream (Blue)
  • Yum Yum Too by Louise Dear
    Yum Yum Too
  • Tinkle (On Silver) by Louise Dear
    Tinkle (On Silver)
  • Tinkle (On Gold) by Louise Dear
    Tinkle (On Gold)
  • Girl by Louise Dear
  • Daydream III by Louise Dear
    Daydream III
  • Nude I by Louise Dear
    Nude I
  • Yum Yum by Louise Dear
    Yum Yum
  • Crush II by Louise Dear
    Crush II
  • Crush I by Louise Dear
    Crush I
  • Lovely by Louise Dear
  •! by Louise Dear!
  • Boy IV by Louise Dear
    Boy IV

However when Dear turned six, her parents returned to England and settled in a small village set in rural Hampshire, where she enjoyed the normal childhood documented by a youngster surrounded by adventure and exploration of their native surrounds; and which always include dens and tree houses.

Dear’s grandfolks had owned a coach company, and her Grandfather’s sign writing attributes were graphically starred along the flanks of his buses, while her mother inherited his artist flair, evidentially witnessed at close quarters in her paintings of birds, flowers and butterflies; which in turn became the very fabric of the family home’s interior décor at this time. Therefore art was seen as an important creative outlet and thoroughly championed and endorsed by Dear’s immediate family during her adolescence. Dear recounts regularly eating meals on tables still festooned with the remnants of a previous craft-fest, where they’d sit around and manufacture anything from papier-mâché dragons to chicken runs, Easter bonnets to handmade rugs, pantomime scenery to disco outfits created out of curtain linings or plastic bags. Literally, the works.

On finishing her secondary education, Dear held onto the idea of entering a career in the rag trade, and left home to attend the Medway College of Art and Design, where she undertook a course in Fashion. Yet this was cut prematurely short, as Dear’s (again inherent) restless spirit of adventure kicked in, and with her then boyfriend in tow, set off to discover the world at the grand old age of 21. From the confines of their converted 1963 Bedford ambulance which they’d personalised in pink prior to embarking on their odyssey. Nevertheless, it became more of a working holiday for Dear as while they absorbed the varied and diverse cultures proffered across Europe and North Africa on the first leg of their journey, she endeavoured to paint and essentially, maintain and embellish her creativity.

In 1987 Dear plotted the co-ordinates for home, although this proved to be a short-lived affair as the travel bug bit again shortly afterwards, this time the destination being India. Despite booking a three month return ticket, Dear remained on her latest travels for seven years in the end, during which period of her life she took in the wonders of South East Asia and Australia. It was whilst she was in Australia, and specifically when she move on from her first port of call, Darwin to Sydney that Dear secured her first real role; that of an Exhibition Designer for Lego, Australia no less.

Eventually, with her travelling itch having been firmly scratched, Dear headed back to familiar shores and gave birth in 1993, after which she returned to full-time education at University College in Chichester where she graduated from in 1998. Those familiar shores weren’t familiar to Dear at first, as it was Totnes in Devon that she decided to put down roots and call home, and is still residing there today and continuing to gain a reputation as something of an acclaimed fine artist. Over the intervening 15 or so years Dear has seen her works of original art showcased far and wide, with exhibitions having been staged in London, New York, LA and Sydney as well as major museums/galleries including the prestigious, Royal Academy in London.

Dear continues to draw most of her artistic inspirations from those fantastical and globe-spanning adventures, much of which she compiled an extensive visual diary of at the time; thus her modern day paintings which have fast become her trademark are illustratively indulgent of vibrancy, passion and romance. And that’s because there’s an undercurrent of these aforementioned qualities that have followed Dear on her well-trodden journey through her life and career to date. On this topic, Dear cements this notion by implicitly volunteering; “I learnt from the beginning, to walk barefoot on the grass. To hear the melody in the crashing waves or the woodland leaves rattling in the spring breeze. To be caressed by warm sun on bare flesh and absorb the colours of the sunset whether reflected on wet shores or urban landscapes”. Dear goes on to add; “The blossoming of a bloom, the patchwork fields and the delicious smell of my lover snuggled next to me. These sensations absorb me and feel like melted chocolate trickling down the back of my throat. It is these small ecstasies I wish to convey to my viewer”.

Outside influences from an entirely artistic perspective have also been recruited with a diversity very much in mind, as Dear lists Utamaro and Takashi Murakami as two pivotal inspirations; the former being an 18th Century exponent of the ‘floating world’ movement and fellow artists who are said to have influenced Art Nouveau in the 20th Century, while the latter part of the ‘superflat’ movement of contemporary Japan. Otherwise Alphonse Mucha and the exceptional nudes of Egon Sheille, have long grabbed Dear’s attentions, along with Jeff Koons, Paul Morrisson, Lisa Yuskavage and Walt Disney it seems.

Latest Artworks

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Framed Size: 38 x 38 inches

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