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About the Artist Duncan Palmer

Duncan was born in 1964 in the naturally beautiful county of Hampshire. With a love of painting and drawing as a youngster and throughout his school years, Duncan was so keen on art that he sold his paintings of local people’s homes to them to pay for his driving lessons! His parents were very proud of his achievements they were not bowled over by the prospect of their son become an artist, as they believed he would not be able to make a good living. At 19 years of age, Duncan proved them wrong, he followed his dreams of becoming a professional painter and during that year had his first solo show. With many sell-out exhibitions under his belt, Duncan has had, and continues to have outstanding success, making his artwork sought-after and extremely collectable.

Now living and working from home in Surrey, he feels advantaged to be able to paint daily, with inspiration from the Newlyn School of Artists, Duncan frequently paints English land and seascapes and coastal areas which are unsurprisingly full of expertly captured atmosphere, light, texture, movement, rhythm and space.

Works By Duncan Palmer

  • Flaring Sky by Duncan Palmer
    Flaring Sky
  • Towering Clouds by Duncan Palmer
    Towering Clouds
  • An English Paradise by Duncan Palmer
    An English Paradise
  • Far From The Crowd by Duncan Palmer
    Far From The Crowd
  • Towards The Headland by Duncan Palmer
    Towards The Headland
  • Lovers Walk by Duncan Palmer
    Lovers Walk
  • Threes Company by Duncan Palmer
    Threes Company
  • Into The Sunset by Duncan Palmer
    Into The Sunset
  • Lake District Splendour by Duncan Palmer
    Lake District Splendour
  • Lake District Farmhouse by Duncan Palmer
    Lake District Farmhouse
  • Lakeland Walk by Duncan Palmer
    Lakeland Walk
  • Bridge to Paradise by Duncan Palmer
    Bridge to Paradise
  • A Walk Along The Bay by Duncan Palmer
    A Walk Along The Bay
  • A Wonderful Day by Duncan Palmer
    A Wonderful Day

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