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About the Artist Lorenzo Quinn

The son of celebrated TV and silver screen legend, Anthony Quinn, Lorenzo embarked on his professional creative career in 1982 as a painter, having studied at the American Academy of Fine Arts in New York after which he furthered his knowledge and honed his skills in workshops and foundries across America and Europe. However before long he felt that there was a depth and dimension absent from his work and arrived at the conclusion that there was nothing new he could offer in a two dimensional format that hadn’t already been explored and presented previously. It was with these thoughts and emotions uppermost in his mind, that Quinn looked to sculpture to afford him the versatility and freedom as a medium to interpret his innermost artistic leanings.

Works By Lorenzo Quinn

  • Continuum by Lorenzo Quinn
  • With You by Lorenzo Quinn
    With You
  • I Give You My Soul by Lorenzo Quinn
    I Give You My Soul
  • Eternum by Lorenzo Quinn
  • Creation by Lorenzo Quinn
  • Book - 2008 by Lorenzo Quinn
    Book - 2008
  • Gravity by Lorenzo Quinn
  • Tension by Lorenzo Quinn
  • Give & Take III (Bronze Plated Resin) by Lorenzo Quinn
    Give & Take III (Bronze Plated Resin)
  • Give & Take III (Silver Plated Resin) by Lorenzo Quinn
    Give & Take III (Silver Plated Resin)
  • Decisions by Lorenzo Quinn
  • In Perspective by Lorenzo Quinn
    In Perspective
  • You Can't Eat Gold by Lorenzo Quinn
    You Can't Eat Gold
  • The Kiss by Lorenzo Quinn
    The Kiss
  • Adam & Eve by Lorenzo Quinn
    Adam & Eve
  • The Peace Doves II by Lorenzo Quinn
    The Peace Doves II
  • Serenity (Table) by Lorenzo Quinn
    Serenity (Table)
  • El Toro, The Bull by Lorenzo Quinn
    El Toro, The Bull
  • Dreamscape - Large by Lorenzo Quinn
    Dreamscape - Large
  • Decisions - Large by Lorenzo Quinn
    Decisions - Large
  • Adam & Eve - Large by Lorenzo Quinn
    Adam & Eve - Large
  • Dreamscape by Lorenzo Quinn
  • Perfect Story by Lorenzo Quinn
    Perfect Story
  • Trust by Lorenzo Quinn
  • First Love by Lorenzo Quinn
    First Love
  • Hand Of God by Lorenzo Quinn
    Hand Of God
  • After Love by Lorenzo Quinn
    After Love

On many an occasion, Quinn has been at pains to point out that it’s indeed the individual viewer’s opinion and feedback that motivate him within the creative discipline he has gravitated toward, and not that of the habitually harsh art critics of this world. Quinn elaborates on this by imploring that he imagines and constructs his visions and art for himself primarily, and those people who wish to join him on a “ride through my dreams” to paraphrase the acclaimed contemporary sculptor.

Michelangelo, Bernini, Carpaux and Rodin, universally acknowledged as the great masters, are whom Quinn draws his inspiration from, and he regularly travels to Italy to re-connect with the sights, sounds and smells which he believes revigorates him. Quinn has seen his works showcased in South America, Europe and Asia.

Quinn fast gained a reputation and following for his sculptures, and some of his most sought after works belong in some of the most impressive private collections across the globe; which has also resulted in a huge volume of commissioned work being requested. One of Quinn’s most notable invites was courtesy of the Vatican to sculpt the likeness of Saint Anthony, in celebration of the Eighth Centennial of the Saint’s birth. The finished piece was blessed by the Holy Father in Saint Peter’s Square before it found its home in the Basilica del Santo in Padua in 1995. Elsewhere, Quinn was commissioned by the United Nations to originate a stamp for their collection, whilst he’s also been responsible for the placing of several monumental sculptures across Europe to date, including in 2003, ‘Encounters’, commissioned by Fundatur and donated to the city of Mallorca on completion, and which was unveiled at the Museum of Modern Art in Palma de Mallorca.

In terms of current projects, Quinn is said to be working on ‘The Globe of Life’, which creative documents what are considered by eminent historians, theologists and scholars to be the hundred most important moments in time according to the history books. What will essentially serve as Quinn’s most significant and challenging brief yet, as he’s tasked with producing five monumental bronze sculptures intrinsically connecting each continent for his part.

As anyone who’s familiar with Quinn’s work is aware, you’ll always note the existence of a poem alongside of each sculpture. And this is because his first part of the creative process involves writing what he feels should be represented in the finished sculpture. Once the idea or concept is born in Quinn’s imagination and constructed in his mind’s eye, he must catch this stream of conscience in the written form. He insists that he doesn’t believe in purely decorative work, and that the need for people to view his art not just as the sculpted form but as the nucleus of the idea from which it stemmed. Hence the inclusion of a poem in each instance.

Quinn delves deeper into this theory by inferring that he’s inspired not simply by artists who have gone before, but by the everyday that life has to offer. Its energies in particular as well as the way in which people ‘enjoy the many different aspects of existence’. Once this is encapsulated, Quinn refers to his work then being innately representative of a period, an emotion and a symbol of the bigger picture. Quinn’s intellect, deep-thinking and questioning of what goes one around him and appetite for learning and discovering new things about both himself and society as a people are all evident through his unique sculptures.

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