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About the Artist Rayford

Perspective Ėskewing townscapes and somewhere-in-the-back-of-the-head recognizable waterfronts visually characterize the unique compositional persuasions employed by one the UKís most promising and talked up contemporary cityscape artists, Rayford James Holroyd. Captured by day or by night, Rayfordís angle-bending pictorial insights into the oft-unseen quarters of some of our favourite landmarks are a compositional joy to behold and enrapture viewers as they attempt to get their art-loving heads around the illustrative prospect thatís set out before them.

Works By Rayford

  • Paris by Rayford
  • Tea At The Palace by Rayford
    Tea At The Palace
  • Moonscape by Rayford
  • London Slumber by Rayford
    London Slumber
  • Moonlight on Derwent by Rayford
    Moonlight on Derwent
  • London Bus by Rayford
    London Bus
  • Powers Fading by Rayford
    Powers Fading
  • London Sunrise by Rayford
    London Sunrise
  • Manhattan Sunrise by Rayford
    Manhattan Sunrise
  • Night Lights by Rayford
    Night Lights
  • Purple Haze by Rayford
    Purple Haze
  • Westminster Moonshine by Rayford
    Westminster Moonshine
  • Paris II by Rayford
    Paris II
  • Westminster Night by Rayford
    Westminster Night
  • Off With His Head by Rayford
    Off With His Head

Not a creative practitioner to solely concentrate his efforts on the most obvious of popular destinations, Rayford is just as likely to graphically connect with a Robin Hoodís Bay, Staithes or Whitby vista as he is a Tower Bridge, St Paulís Cathedral or a more familiar (and native to him) York Minster panorama.

York-dwelling Rayford was actually born on the tíother side of the English north, namely in Standish, Wigan back in 1978, yet his family upped sticks and moved across the country from west to east whilst their future professional artist son was still a mere nipper. And itís from this neck of the North Yorkshire woods (towns, coves, harbours and fishing villages) that Rayford seeks out much of his inspiration as he regularly casts his graphically-encompassing net as far afield as the Fossil Coast itself. And thereís not many people in the region who arenít visibly aware of Rayfordís artistic credentials, including the local lords and ladies it would seem. Indeed, whilst studying for a degree in Industrial Design at university, Rayford spent large chunks of his student spare time crafting pencil drawings. Sketches which were so good he quickly built a reputation in the area which resulted in commissioned work coming pouring in.

Helping to alleviate the financial strains of student days, Rayfordís financial cause was significantly helped by the local gentry in the shape of the Hon. Simon Howard of Castle Howard fame (and ownership), which is located in North Yorkshire. And a place some people might recall was the setting for one of televisionís most successful seriesí, Brideshead Revisitedí. Despite managing to sell one of his early pieces to the Howards, Rayford took a while longer before reaching the heights of the creative big time, and spent the years immediately after graduating as a 3d designer. However he made it his business to continue to create pencil drawings, both as a commission-based side line and for his own pleasure/burgeoning portfolio as and when time allowed. Having taught himself the rudiments of fine artistry, now-celebrated contemporary practitioner Rayford soon developed an interest in dabbling in a variety of hues and saturations, as something of a departure from his hitherto monochrome ventures in canvas; keen to see where it would take him next in his self-education.

Eventually trying to juggle the responsibilities of a demanding full-time career with his more indulgent artistic sensibilities became too much, and Rayford arrived at the conclusion that something had to give as he stretched himself out of shape. So in 2010 the up-and-coming artist made the decision to launch himself as a professional and commit the necessary time required to evolve his fledgling style and to develop his promising ability in the realm of his chosen subject matter and preferred genre. Fast forward some 6 years down the line and today Rayfordís default style setting is one which draws on fun times and a warmth and personality which reaches out and grabs the viewer. Whatís more Rayfordís star continue in the ascendency, testified by a number of features focusing on his life and visual times appearing in a raft of publications since he turned pro. If youíre in the market for a compositional piece which embraces stunning landscapes and harnesses within an eclectic fusion of traditional, historical and modern architectural nuances (and is bereft of the distractions of the populace), then Rayford is your man.

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