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About the Artist Dan Pearce

The innovative mixed media portraits of Dan Pearce blend modern day street art with the influences of Warhol and Lichtenstein in a unique controlled explosion of energy, colour and texture.

Works By Dan Pearce

  • Flight of Fantasy by Dan Pearce
    Flight of Fantasy
  • Wings of Love by Dan Pearce
    Wings of Love
  • Another Dimension- Lenticular by Dan Pearce
    Another Dimension- Lenticular
  • Aim for Love- Lenticular by Dan Pearce
    Aim for Love- Lenticular
  • Reflections on Love by Dan Pearce
    Reflections on Love
  • Scent from Above by Dan Pearce
    Scent from Above
  • A Class Apart by Dan Pearce
    A Class Apart
  • Fame- LED Edition by Dan Pearce
    Fame- LED Edition
  • Love Potion NO5 by Dan Pearce
    Love Potion NO5
  • House Party by Dan Pearce
    House Party
  • Why So Serious- Lenticular by Dan Pearce
    Why So Serious- Lenticular
  • World Class by Dan Pearce
    World Class
  • First Class Queen by Dan Pearce
    First Class Queen
  • Born to Rule by Dan Pearce
    Born to Rule

Bringing together such disparate styles and materials as graffiti, traditional painting, collage and textured resin, as well as incorporating smashed glass and other unexpected objects, he creates high-octane pieces that turn heads from a distance, then take on a whole new meaning when seen up close.

Dan has been exhibiting his artwork since 2013 throughout the UK as well as internationally. He has held successful solo exhibitions around London and at Tramp private members club in Mayfair. Danís specially commissioned portrait of Anthony Joshua hangs above the boxing ring at the heavyweight championís training camp. His artwork is also collected by a plethora of stars including RagíníBone Man, 50Cent and a host of Premiership footballers, making him one of the UKís most talked about and collectable contemporary artists.

Based in South East London, Dan studied art at college before achieving a (BA) Hons in Design. After graduating he returned to his birth place of Australia and set up home in Sydney for the next seven years. It was in this vibrant and culturally rich young city that he honed his creative skills and began a love affair with urban art which has informed his work ever since.

Dan is involved in raising money for many charities through the sale of his artwork. In 2018 one of his originals featuring endangered wildlife raised £5500 for The Peter Jones Foundation; he donates artwork to the annual Acton Homeless charity auction, the Amy Winehouse Foundation. WWF, and the British Heart Foundation. He has raised money for a variety of wildlife conservation charities, and has recently sold work to raise funds to combat the effect of Australian bush fires.

Latest Artworks