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About the Artist Michael Abrams

Inspired and encouraged at school, Michael Abrams is a self-taught artist of natural ability and international notability, whose career has had varied directions: from fork lift truck driver, freelance greetings card designer with major publishing companies, figurine designer in Thailand, animator in Hungary to Wedgewood ceramics design featuring one of his own teddy bear characters.

Having moved in to the fine art sector, his artwork is now very much collectable and sought after by a wide global audience. He begins with a quick sketch. works on the composition and then with few colours he works the canvas until content with the unity of brush strokes and medium, often adding texture by working with a rag and with hands on paint manipulation through his own digits to evoke a sense of energy to his linear work.

Michaels paintings are contemporary but with a humorous sense of realism, particularly noticeable in his Hound Heads and whimsical cats. The Wanderer series featuring a solitary man and his dog, standing or walking through rural and urban landscapes, however, seemingly have a deeper narrative or meaning for the voyeur to decide.

Works By Michael Abrams

  • Life Is Better With Friends by Michael Abrams
    Life Is Better With Friends
  • Lest we Forget by Michael Abrams
    Lest we Forget
  • How Lucky We Are by Michael Abrams
    How Lucky We Are
  • Up Where We Belong by Michael Abrams
    Up Where We Belong
  • You, Me, Paris by Michael Abrams
    You, Me, Paris
  • Hold Onto Love by Michael Abrams
    Hold Onto Love
  • Gathering Love by Michael Abrams
    Gathering Love
  • This Life We Share by Michael Abrams
    This Life We Share
  • A Higher Love by Michael Abrams
    A Higher Love
  • A Perfect Day by Michael Abrams
    A Perfect Day
  • Together by Michael Abrams

Latest Artworks

Framed Size: 36 x 18 inches

Framed Size: 20 x 20 inches

Framed Size: 20 x 20 inches