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About the Artist Doug Hyde

There’s a raft of richly descriptive words that single out a Doug Hyde work of contemporary art, from warm and inviting through to fun and frivolous. Yet there’s without doubt one common thread that runs through the narrative of pretty much every piece, and that’s an all-enveloping sense of togetherness, and of ultimate belonging. Indeed, it’s this feeling of a universal family that touched Hyde as a youngster, and a never understated importance of a tight-knit, embracing family unit as you head through those formative years, which are etched deep beneath the story-telling pastels that charmingly give life and perspective to his every piece.

Works By Doug Hyde

  • Doug Hyde Bundle by Doug Hyde
    Doug Hyde Bundle
  • Thank you- Sculpture by Doug Hyde
    Thank you- Sculpture
  • Love From A Distance by Doug Hyde
    Love From A Distance
  • Thank You by Doug Hyde
    Thank You
  • Life is Sweet - Sculpture by Doug Hyde
    Life is Sweet - Sculpture
  • Memories by Doug Hyde
  • Family by Doug Hyde
  • Rub a Dub Dub by Doug Hyde
    Rub a Dub Dub
  • You've Stolen My Heart by Doug Hyde
    You've Stolen My Heart
  • We've Got This by Doug Hyde
    We've Got This
  • Stargazer by Doug Hyde
  • Caught Up In Love- Sculpture by Doug Hyde
    Caught Up In Love- Sculpture
  • Caught Up In Love by Doug Hyde
    Caught Up In Love
  • Ho Ho Ho - Sculpture by Doug Hyde
    Ho Ho Ho - Sculpture
  • Ho Ho Ho by Doug Hyde
    Ho Ho Ho
  • Love You Forever - Remarque by Doug Hyde
    Love You Forever - Remarque
  • We Are Family by Doug Hyde
    We Are Family
  • Riding High by Doug Hyde
    Riding High
  • Beside The Seaside by Doug Hyde
    Beside The Seaside
  • Together In Love by Doug Hyde
    Together In Love
  • Sun, Sea and Sunglasses II by Doug Hyde
    Sun, Sea and Sunglasses II
  • Connect For Love by Doug Hyde
    Connect For Love
  • Sun, Sea and Sunglasses I by Doug Hyde
    Sun, Sea and Sunglasses I
  • Watching The World Go By - Bronze by Doug Hyde
    Watching The World Go By - Bronze
  • The Great Outdoors by Doug Hyde
    The Great Outdoors
  • The Great Outdoors - Bronze by Doug Hyde
    The Great Outdoors - Bronze
  • Love Overload by Doug Hyde
    Love Overload
  • Watching The World Go By by Doug Hyde
    Watching The World Go By
  • Love Overload by Doug Hyde
    Love Overload
  • Space Cadets by Doug Hyde
    Space Cadets
  • Looking After My Heart by Doug Hyde
    Looking After My Heart
  • Wrapped In Love by Doug Hyde
    Wrapped In Love

Joyfully recalling a stable, loving family life back home in Bristol in the 1970s, Hyde also cites his elder sibling’s disability as a factor in his art, and one of the reasons he possesses and exudes such an optimistic outlook, through both his being and his richly textured, eternal sunnily dispositional art. It was Hyde’s involvement with disabled youngsters as he was growing up that afforded him a wonderful understanding of how those perceived by elements of our society to be less fortunate not only cope, but prosper and develop, and most precious of all, project such a magnanimous attitude as they make their way in a judgemental world.

Born in 1972, Hyde was left in no uncertain terms by his school careers advisors, that art was merely something people did in their spare time, and that him suggesting that he wanted to be an artist on leaving school to be bordering on lunacy. Undeterred by this lack of support, or as was more the case, knowledge, Hyde didn’t loose sight of who he wanted to be, and what he wanted to do as he forged his way in life. And he knew for a fact that this had to be played out in a creative industry.

After leaving school Hyde secured a role in a draughtsman’s office, and it wasn’t long before he had enrolled on a college course in technical illustration to further his fledgling interest. Conversely however, it wasn’t long before he began to feel constrained within this very technical field and foresaw that he needed to broaden his artistic horizons were he to fulfil his ambitions and more expressive potential.

So Hyde took it upon himself to indulge his more creative callings by completing works of commissioned art for family and friends outside of work hours, and quickly garnering a large amount of interest for this his bespoke pieces, resulting in being asked to exhibit at a more regional level in a relatively short space of time.

Hyde elects to administer his pastels with fingers, thumbs, wrists or any other feasible limb, inferring that this process allows him to communicate the piece in a more liberal fashion. His default canvas is notably a large example, giving him the access and freedom pre-requisitional to extract the most dramatic elements of the art itself, and works in a way that he hopes will engage with people, and to ultimately question the why, what, when and where in his considered individual studies.

Hyde visually imagines what the wall and the room will appear like, how it’s furnished, how the light will temper it, in direct relation to the piece he will paint, which he cites as being key to making the art work. It’s a methodology that’s served him well for over 10 years now and the starting point for any given piece. Hyde also will record every possible, fleeting thought he has, in terms of a future study, then and there. There’s a box in his studio that’s said to overflow with scribbled ideas and concepts on everything from newspaper cuttings to napkins; all documenting an original stream of conscious, and which will form the nucleus for a future work.

In 2005, Doug Hyde was awarded the prestigious Fine Art Trade Guild, Best Selling Published Artist accolade, and is widely acknowledged to be the most popular contemporary living artists in Britain and beyond today. Hyde is also known for his fund-raising efforts, via his original art sales, for two charitable organisations which remain very close to his heart; namely ‘Look Good…Feel Better’ and ‘Families For Children’.

Latest Artworks

Framed Size: 32 x 28 inches

Framed Size: 27 x 27 inches

Framed Size: 27 x 27 inches