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About the Artist Colin Banks

Colin has a passion for exotic wildlife which is powerfully expressed in his innovative animal portraiture. Each stunning image gives the viewer a remarkable sense of closeness to the animal in question.

Works By Colin Banks

  • Brave Face by Colin Banks
    Brave Face
  • Eye of the Tiger by Colin Banks
    Eye of the Tiger
  • Face to Face by Colin Banks
    Face to Face
  • Minds Eye by Colin Banks
    Minds Eye
  • Point of View by Colin Banks
    Point of View

Despite the semi abstract feel to some of the work, Colin believes that the eyes should always be the focus of any life study, so this feature is always very real, drawing the viewer in and inviting them to engage with the subject.

There is also a strong sense of narrative; these animals have a story to tell, of past adventures and uncertain futures. Colin is a committed conservationist and his concerns about endangered species, particularly tigers, add a frisson of empathy and authenticity to each piece.

Colin produces his pieces on aluminium panels. After laying down a white base coat, he works with a mixture of black and silver airbrush and spray paint to compose an abstract background and the darker shapes of his subject. Once this stage is completed he moves on to the finer details and highlights, for which he calls on a range of tools to engrave or incise on the painted surface, exposing the underlying white and creating the image in intaglio (relief).

Although Colin set up his studio comparatively recently, his ultra stylish and distinctive work has already made an impact across the UK. The power of the subject matter combined with the technical panache of his creative process means these pieces are uniquely arresting and make a powerful statement in any setting.

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