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About the Artist Ben Jeffery

Ben was born in 1986 and spent his formative years in Barnet, North London, where his Grandfather introduced him to the work of a family relative John Varley (an 18th century watercolourist).

Naturally he had a love of art from this point on, deciding to be an artist at secondary school after much recognition for his portraiture work from his peers.

Ben went on to study art at degree level, finding his own individual style as he experimented with many mediums and techniques, painting with oils became a favourite. After University Ben explored a career in conceptual art for films and the gaming industry, he tried digital painting with some rather impressive results, but preferred the depth and feel of oil paints.

Some of Benís portraits are obviously influenced by the fact, that he is a huge Sci-fi movie and special effects fan, but his artwork is more diverse than just that one subject, as he enjoys creating unique land and seascapes often with vivid, bright colours inspired by the views around him, particularly the country landscapes surrounding family homes in Hertfordshire and on the Isle of Harris.

Works By Ben Jeffery

  • The Crown by Ben Jeffery
    The Crown
  • HRH- Deluxe by Ben Jeffery
    HRH- Deluxe
  • Don't Stop Me Now! by Ben Jeffery
    Don't Stop Me Now!
  • City of Angels- Hepburn by Ben Jeffery
    City of Angels- Hepburn
  • Champagne Supernova by Ben Jeffery
    Champagne Supernova
  • City Guardian - Canvas Deluxe by Ben Jeffery
    City Guardian - Canvas Deluxe
  • Bond... James Bond by Ben Jeffery
    Bond... James Bond
  • HRH by Ben Jeffery
  • Shelby Co. Ltd by Ben Jeffery
    Shelby Co. Ltd
  • Mr Shelby by Ben Jeffery
    Mr Shelby
  • Some Like it Hot by Ben Jeffery
    Some Like it Hot
  • Her Majesty's Secret Service by Ben Jeffery
    Her Majesty's Secret Service
  • The Rat Pack by Ben Jeffery
    The Rat Pack
  • Somebody to Love by Ben Jeffery
    Somebody to Love
  • Shh... Let's Dance by Ben Jeffery
    Shh... Let's Dance
  • Licence to Kill by Ben Jeffery
    Licence to Kill
  • My Kingdom by Ben Jeffery
    My Kingdom
  • Endangered Empire by Ben Jeffery
    Endangered Empire
  • City Guard by Ben Jeffery
    City Guard
  • Urban Hunter by Ben Jeffery
    Urban Hunter
  • Cool Cat by Ben Jeffery
    Cool Cat
  • Steel Gaze by Ben Jeffery
    Steel Gaze
  • Golden Eyes by Ben Jeffery
    Golden Eyes
  • Proctector by Ben Jeffery
  • Bohemian Rhapsody by Ben Jeffery
    Bohemian Rhapsody
  • The Stones by Ben Jeffery
    The Stones
  • The Fab Four by Ben Jeffery
    The Fab Four
  • Leopard by Ben Jeffery
  • Blue Stare by Ben Jeffery
    Blue Stare
  • Predator II by Ben Jeffery
    Predator II
  • Predator I by Ben Jeffery
    Predator I
  • Monroe by Ben Jeffery

Latest Artworks

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