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Everyone’s Going Nuts for Both the Royal Wedding AND Contemporary Art this Spring

In fairness, a sizeable percentage of the UK (and world, for that matter) are going nuts ahead of the impending nuptials between US TV star, Meghan Markle and one of the planet’s most eligible bachelors, Prince Harry. As ever when there’s a Royal Wedding on the cards, greetings and merchandise take on an altogether more creative turn. Indeed, a memorabilia landscape that expands far beyond the relative safety of themed tea towels and biscuit tins. However we doubt very much if anybody foresaw Steve Casino’s (real name) contemporary art sculptures coming in the lead-up to the big royal day.

Officially recognised as the world’s only nut-based artist, the aforementioned Casino has assembled a tasty selection box of pub bar-esque pick n mix to create his unique vision of the much-anticipated celebration this May. No nutty raw material has been left unturned in Casino’s bid to immortalise leading members of the royal household in a combination of almonds, cashews, coconuts and hazelnuts, which were all used as the base for the artist’s roll, sorry, royal models. recently released a video which captures Casino at work on his crowning contemporary sculpted glory, where he was filmed transforming various widely-available nuts into instantly recognisable HRH figures.

362-odd man hours of hand-crafted labour later, and the fruits, or rather, nuts of Casino’s said endeavours can be seen hereabouts, depicting the facial likeness of the Queen, Prince Charles, Kate, William and of course, the stars of the May 19th House of Windsor extravaganza, Harry and Meghan. And the minute attention to detail didn’t stop there either, as Casino moulded corgis from cashews to complete the picture. There was, some of you will be relieved to learn, method behind the perceivable madness, as the artist was initially approached by a British nut milk brand to create the contemporary sculpture art, with Casino admitting that the challenge was too big a one to turn down.

Here at Chelmer some of our more savoury contemporary fine artists have a rich history of producing some stand-out characters of their own; naming no names but Alexander Millar, Craig Davison, Eloise Saunders and Shazia we’re definitely looking at you.

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