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Larger than Life Jurassic Jeff Sets Pulses Racing

There’s a Jurassic perk in store for fans of Hollywood nice guy, Jeff Goldblum should they venture down to Tower Bridge anytime soon, in the shape of, well, Jeff himself. Sort of. Created to commemorate some 25 years since the first dino-rific celluloid romp hit the big screen, ‘Jurassic Jeff’ is certainly a visually arresting sight, as he reclines, open-shirted on London’s South Bank.

This temporary contemporary art sculpture installation will remain in situ until the end of July, and has already moved some fans to dub it London’s best attraction. Goldblum’s larger-than-life effigy is said to weigh 150kg and measures 25 feet from head to toe, and was commissioned by Sky TV’s subscription service provider, Now TV as a PR stunt to advertise its packages.

Of course, critics were quick to highlight the obvious elephant in the room (which, incidentally, Jeff towered over), that being no part of Jurassic Park was ever filmed on location in London. But that hasn’t stopped others flocking down to the Thames to pose for selfies with the surreal sculpture. If you recall, Goldblum portrayed scientist Ian Malcolm in writer/director, Steven Spielberg’s original 1993 dinosaur blockbuster, an iconic role he most recently reprised in this year’s much-anticipated ‘Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom.’

Goldblum Sculpture is Talk of the Town

According to Goldblum himself, when questioned about the shirtless pose, (which this contemporary sculpture was clearly inspired by), he told interviewers that the ‘look’ was completely unscripted, and just felt right at the time. The impromptu decision was an instant ratings winner, and helped cement the actor as one of Tinseltown’s leading males ever since.

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