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Flying Home by Paul Kenton - [bio]

Flying Home by Paul Kenton
Frame ID: Blk Gloss - Recommended Frame

Flying Home by Paul Kenton - [bio]

Boxed Canvas:

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Medium Original
Format Boxed Canvas
Style Original
Image W x H 40" x 50" ?

Stock Paul Kenton creative trade that holds the gaze of Londonís iconic Tower Bridge for a lifetime, as it viscerally documents black with grey, blue with white and ink with colour wash. Itís a dramatic re-telling of a city by dusk, under siege to the toils of an ever-creeping nightfall, tugging at the outer reaches of the canvas, soon-to-be encroaching and running rampant over the famous passing over of the still glistening River Thames beneath.

The revered fine artist, who makes it his mission in life to catalogue every perspective of every city of note and arbitrator of cultural decadence, again holds no creative punches with this composition.

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