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Tomar El Sol (Original) by Govinder Nazran - [bio]

Tomar El Sol (Original) by Govinder Nazran - [bio]


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Medium Original
Format Framed
Style Original
Image W x H 24" x 31" ?

Cats in as many abstract forms as you can shake a church mouse at engulf late artist, Govinder Nazran’s keenly observed piece of contemporary art here, engendering the creative’s hallmark Rothkoesque blocks of colour, which in turn bear witness to a sea of trademark gold leaf and glitter. In something of a departure for Nazran, this particular composition focuses on a triumvirate of our feline friends, rather than the artist’s more commonly occurring practice of employing just two animals, that come together to represent religious opposites, like yin and yang and good versus evil.

A vividly engaging study that is lavishly detailed and sunny of disposition, which it would be given that the literal translation of the Spanish word of the painting’s title, Tomar El Sol, is ‘sunbathing’. An act that many cats relish the prospect of, and are substantiated by the prominence of the sun showering the occupants of the frame with its golden beams and ready shafts of decadent light.

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