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Saettle Skyline by Jimi Hendrix - [bio]

Saettle Skyline by Jimi Hendrix
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Saettle Skyline by Jimi Hendrix - [bio]

Board Only:

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Medium Giclee On Board
Format Board Only
Style Contemporary
Image W x H 27" x 21" ?

Displayed from a truly colourful soul, Hendrix
paints a distinctive Seattle Skyline, displaying
the beauty and life he saw in his unique view of
the city in powerful colours and strokes, giving
this piece a sense of depth.

Framed W x H: 32" x 26"

Room view (Frame: F154)

Framed W x H: 35" x 29"

Room view (Frame: F86)

Framed W x H: 34" x 28"

Room view (Frame: F76)

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