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The Power Of Love by Jeff Rowland - [bio]

The Power Of Love by Jeff Rowland
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The Power Of Love by Jeff Rowland - [bio]


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As is the artistís way, Jeff Rowland pits the struggles, trials and tribulations and/or confirmation, cementing, celebration of young, star-crossed lovers against a stunningly romantic, visual backdrop - and one which is familiar to many - to great effect again here. On this occasion we witness the complete togetherness and tactile tenderness of a rain-soaked couple caught in a moment at the foot of the Statue of Eros in London.

Located in Piccadilly Circus in the heart of the nationís capital city, thereís an overwhelming sense of the big screen to Rowlandís depiction of rain-sodden love, courtesy not just of the favourable romance of the street lighting and the shimmery reflection of a perfect union, but the seductive qualities of the small hours, all of which converge on an enduring, Brief Encounter territory.

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