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Guardian by Lhouette - [bio]

Guardian by Lhouette
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Guardian by Lhouette - [bio]


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Medium Original
Format Framed
Style Original
Image W x H 30" x 30" ?


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'Guardian' by the new artist Lhouette, comprises of mixed media original work and built up of acrylic and aerosol on rough ply canvas, finished with a clear lacquer resin. Two things mark out a Lhouette piece of art more than anything else.

Bands or blocks of stringent, vivacious colour and the presence of a silhouette. Figure in some seemingly random graffiti and a decent bit of typography/fontastry and Robert’s, your uncle’s next door’s cousin’s, budgie.

‘Guardian’ does little if anything to dispel this theory and practice, brandishing as it does a large silhouette of a winged girl (emphasis on a guardian angel we guess), discovered beneath a transparent layer of primary colours that travel from the top of the canvas to the bottom.

Cue the introduction of the word ‘Guardian’ in a san serif-type font and the odd smiley faced graffiti here and there in the background and all Lhouette boxes have been ticked. And doesn’t it look good for it?

Brash, brazen, yet conversely discerning at the same time, ‘Guardian’ is a visually stimulating composition in our eyes.

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