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Gertie by Caroline Shotton
Frame ID: Blk Gloss - Recommended Frame

Boxed Canvas:

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Medium Original
Format Boxed Canvas
Style Original
Image W x H 16" x 16" ?

Boxed Canvas:

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New Caroline Shotton original on mixed media canvas with dark red background.

There’s loads of them, right? Famous cows. There’s the one which circumnavigated the moon for a quiet start (although we’re guessing she made a right racket up there in orbit). And then there’s Ermintrude off of BBCTV’s Magic Roundabout, and one of the few stars on the Beeb’s books in the 1970s who isn’t under investigation these days.

And what about those all singing/dancing ones from the Anchor Butter TV ad? Now they really rocked. And whilst we’re on the subject of telly-friendly bovines, who can forget the ‘The Laughing Cow’ cheese cow dudes? We rest our case.

Famous cows everywhere. However (and here’s the clincher) NONE of the aforementioned can touch ‘Gertie’ in the cute cow stakes. Stakes spelt S.T.A.K.E.S just to clarify, rather than the alternative spelling which might cause a little offence to our vegetarian friends/art lovers out there.

Anyway, ‘Gertie’ is the very latest creative bovine impression from that dab hand at cow-based shenanigans, the UK’s leading contemporary artist, Caroline Shotton, as seen here. AND JUST HOW CUTE IS GERTIE?!?


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