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Rock Legend by John Wilson - [bio]

Rock Legend by John Wilson
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Rock Legend by John Wilson - [bio]


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Everyone loves a bit of Hendrix, don’t they eh? A blast of ‘Purple Haze’ or a few riffs of ‘All Along the Watchtower?’ It appears that this crazily etched little dude in the picture does, whilst his dog seems to be feeding off his rock vibes.

Or that could just be the way we’re looking at celebrated contemporary artist, John Wilson’s very latest-most illustrative reveal emblazoned across this here page, and entitled; ‘Rock Legend’. Which of course Hendrix was.

What many people don’t know however, is that Hendrix was also something of an accomplished brushsmith himself. And when he wasn’t penning killer tuneage, performing killer tuneage or just chillin and kickin’ back, Jimi would be drawing and painting.

Everything from cars and high school sports jocks to mountains and hydroplanes, before certain leisure substances inspired him to paint random nonsense.

But yeah, anyway, John Wilson. The big dawg who painted ‘Rock Legend’. The artist’s usual kid’s painting-inspired creative turn which melds adult art with child’s play so impressively and spirit uplifting-ly. Visually similar to the main subject matter’s music. Awesome.

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