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City Splendour - Original by Neil Dawson - [bio]

City Splendour - Original by Neil Dawson - [bio]


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Medium Original
Format Framed
Style Original
Image W x H 47" x 16" ?

This intoxicatingly stylised vista captures a city split in two by the passing of a great river, carving and winding its way through the very heart of the urban landscape, and which describes to anyone in the know (the ‘know’ being contemporary landscape art), trademark Neil Dawson. Add into the heady graphic mix vibrant swathes of lavishly executed colours to embolden the already rich and ebullient visual proposition and you’re presented with what is more commonly referred to as ‘a right eyeful’.

Now you can enjoy countless pictorial episodes of the sun setting across this panoramic utopia by snapping up this brand new original piece available to order today. Dawson’s framed River View Red Autumn 2013 Release entitled ‘City Splendour’ is offered here as a 47” x 16” iteration and displays the award-winning and best-selling artist’s signature for value added long-term greatness.

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