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Winter Storm by Chris & Steve Rocks - [bio]

Winter Storm by Chris & Steve Rocks
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Winter Storm by Chris & Steve Rocks - [bio]


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Medium Original
Format Framed
Style Original
Image W x H 36" x 24" ?


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Standing tall and ever firm in the very eye of the storm which is unfolding and enveloping around it, the distantly-set lighthouse has seen it all before and will survive to tell yet another tale of its resoluteness and unmoving stance when faced with climatical adversity which would test anyone and thing caught in its destructive path.

‘Winter Storm’ focuses on more than just the aforementioned salvation for sailors of all ilks who pass by its nether regions, yet geographically is pitted at the epicentre of this illustrative maelstrom and latest offering from the brother, Rock. The much sought after contemporary landscape art-producing siblings, Chris and Steve have once more pulled off another graphical coup the like of which is rarely repeated in this brand new original release for Summer 2014, entitled, ‘Winter Storm’.

Framed W x H: 45" x 33"

Room view (Frame: F26)

Framed W x H: 43" x 31"

Room view (Frame: F25)

Framed W x H: 43" x 31"

Room view (Frame: F211)

Framed W x H: 41" x 29"

Room view (Frame: F154)

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