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Purple Haze by Danny Abrahams - [bio]

Purple Haze by Danny Abrahams - [bio]


UK Delivery.
Medium Original
Format Framed
Style Original
Image W x H 30" x 17" ?

There’s always a place for nostalgic art in our hearts and minds, with graphic perpetuators visually transporting us back to a time and place long un-travelled. Take for example fellow artisans who tread this hugely illustrative path, Craig Davison and Bob Barker to name but two. Well right here and now we’re concerning ourselves with the brilliantly engaging and evocative contemporary landscape and figurative (time-traveller) artist, Danny Abrahams.

Vividly capturing two youngsters stopping to take in the meadow vista in which they’re riding through as they make haste towards the encroaching sunset on the horizon, there’s considered sentimentality and pictorial verve by the (paint) bucket-load in the best-selling Abrahams’ brand new Spring 2015 original release witnessed here. Entitled ‘Purple Haze’ this hand-signed visual opus could be yours to own at your first convenience, providing you contact us via the usual communication channels sooner rather than later; and subsequently then see it hanging pride of place in your home. Just think about that for a minute (but not too long!)……

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