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Mcfly by Jennifer Hogwood
Frame ID: JHGW - Recommended Frame

Acclaimed and hugely popular self-taught contemporary animal humour artist extraordinaire, Jennifer Hogwood is back with renewed illustrative energy and graphic va-va-voom this Spring 2015, taking the compositional shape and form of her brand spanking new original study observed here. Entitled, ‘McFly’, the best-selling Hogwood’s latest pictorial release has little (if anything) to do with the popular beat combo followed by teenage girls during the 2000s, yet EVERYTHING to do with her legendary McMoos. And a horde of butterflies it would appear.

Indeed, the visually-engaging Hogwood’s new adventure in colour sees her signature bovine favourites (this time a rather demure young lady according to the image we’re confronted with) attracted not by the daft post-punk hairstyles of perma-jumping guitarists but rather gorgeous butterflies. And a seeming plethora of them by all original accounts. Hogwood’s ‘McFly’ comes complete with her in-demand moniker adorning its surface area too, for all interested parties to mooo over. We mean, mull. You know the drill by now, contact us via the usual means ASAP!

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