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The Answer by Nic Joly - [bio]

Limited Editions of 90
Art individually signed by artist Nic Joly

The Answer by Nic Joly
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The Answer by Nic Joly - [bio]

Limited Editions of 90 - Art individually signed by artist Nic Joly


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Medium Wall Sculpture
Format Framed
Style Sculpture
Image W x H 24" x 24" ?

Considered by some art critics as amongst Nic Joly’s most ambitious pictorial undertakings to date, ‘The Answer’ is undoubtedly a frenetic piece which sees more people and interactions than we’ve observed under the one compositional frame previously. With every single aspect contained within the limited edition wall sculpture having been painstakingly hand-crafted by the critically acclaimed contemporary sculpture practitioner in his studio, there’s definitely no shortage of intrinsic detailing and miniature choreography for the naked eye to revel in, as the public gets up close and personal with one of Joly’s brand new pictorial releases for Spring 2016.

When asked to provide a narrative for the striking 24” x 24” hand-signed 3D iteration, the best-selling Joly describes his bespoke take on the unique study by saying; “In the world we live in there are times when we forget what is important and what can be the answer to all the darkness we witness. We have the answer staring us in the face as John Lennon so rightly wrote in 1967. A lot has changed since he wrote those lyrics almost 50 years, but the message is still as important to us all as it was then.” Few would argue with such underlying sentiment, whilst countless more will clamour to get their hands on this latest offering from something of a creative tour de force. You could be one of them, should you register your interest with us sooner rather than later.

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