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Home by Ryder - [bio]

Limited Editions of 95
Art individually signed by artist Ryder

Home by Ryder
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Home by Ryder - [bio]

Limited Editions of 95 - Art individually signed by artist Ryder

Board With Slip:

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Medium Giclee On Canvas
Format Board With Slip
Style Contemporary
Image W x H 24" x 24" ?

Board With Slip:

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There are many laudatory expressions which readily come to mind when asked to describe the creative brilliance of the acclaimed contemporary landscape artist, Ryder, yet one which holds out literary gaze as does his each and every compositional piece. And that word is ‘enchanted’. It really sums up the worlds into which the viewer enters when confronted with a Ryder pictorial, as well as explaining the feeling you’re left with one you cast that gaze elsewhere. Another word used in this particular context, here and now, is ‘Home’; not least because it’s actually the title of the hugely popular fine artist’s brand new Spring 2015 reveal.

Making their way ever homeward in this limited edition giclee on canvas study are a loving couple illustratively witnessed in the foreground of Ryder’s very latest compositional show of hand. Journeying down a tree-lined avenue of vegetation, the due are forever beckoned forth by the dim lights of their seemingly humble abode, shining like a beacon beneath a twilight-encroaching sky above. Restricted to a mere 95 hand-signed editions, this 24” squared iteration by the exciting Ryder is now available to enquire about or reserve both in gallery and online; something we’d implore all interested parties to do.

Framed W x H: 29" x 29"

Room view (Frame: PCC42)

Framed W x H: 31" x 31"

Room view (Frame: LIF)

Framed W x H: 30" x 30"

Room view (Frame: GBB)

Framed W x H: 30" x 30"

Room view (Frame: F211)

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