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Love By Moonlight by Ryder - [bio]

Limited Editions of 95
Art individually signed by artist Ryder

Love By Moonlight by Ryder
Frame ID: RBB - Recommended Frame

Love By Moonlight by Ryder - [bio]

Limited Editions of 95 - Art individually signed by artist Ryder

Canvas With Slip:

UK Delivery.
Medium Giclee On Canvas
Format Canvas With Slip
Style Contemporary
Image W x H 21" x 28" ?

Canvas With Slip:

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A long-held desire to make his escape from the harsh realities of this world is what creatively inspires the up-and-coming contemporary landscape art exponent, whose name is on everyone’s lips right now; and who’s been consistently taking his chosen genre by the very scruff of its neck in most recent compositional times. He is, Ryder, and ‘Love by the Moonlight’ represents the mega-gifted fine art practitioner’s latest, Autumn 2016-release giclee on canvas iteration; for your eyes (and potentially 94 others’) only, whilst strictly limited edition stock lasts. This almost ethereal – yet simultaneously animation-esque – slip measures some 21” x 28” and focuses its dramatic, illustrative attentions on the rooftops of an urban landscape under the steely grip of the dead of night itself. Flooded with warm, embracing blues and subtle brushes of other, not necessarily associated with warmth palettes, this individually-signed study is also (if scrutinised closely) punctuated by the advent of a very Ryder-ish cat; the sort that tends to put in a routine appearance on the intrigue-inspiring artist’s many works of late.

Framed W x H: 25" x 32"

Room view (Frame: PCC42)

Framed W x H: 28" x 35"

Room view (Frame: LIF)

Framed W x H: 27" x 34"

Room view (Frame: GBB)

Framed W x H: 26" x 34"

Room view (Frame: F211)

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