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Fast & Furious by Dale Bowen - [bio]

Fast & Furious by Dale Bowen
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Fast & Furious by Dale Bowen - [bio]


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Medium Original
Format Framed
Style Original
Image W x H 14" x 14" ?

“Beep, beep!!!” Oh no, look who’s coming through folks. Why it’s that speed demon with little care for other road users, Mr Toad! Indeedy, the green-blooded gentleman racer is revving up once more to strike horror into the hearts of fellow ‘Wind in the Willows’ denizens this Spring 2018, as Dale Bowen paints the boy racer’s boy racer into his very latest original picture. The aptly-titled, ‘Fast & Furious’ is a 14” x 14” visual joy to behold – or at least will be, for those moving fast enough to secure a slice of Bowen’s brand new original art action this season. Given the enduring popularity of both Bowen’s contemporary fine art talents and the equally fascinating subject matter, we’re bracing ourselves for a flood of interest now that this vibrantly-captured new iteration has sped into view.

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