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Phone Home by Edward Waite - [bio]

Phone Home by Edward Waite
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Phone Home by Edward Waite - [bio]


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Medium Original
Format Framed
Style Original
Image W x H 30" x 30" ?

It isn’t just a certain visitor from afar who needs to ‘Phone Home’ you know. There are many times, even in the smartphone/digital age in which we live when the sight of a traditional red phone box is a very welcome one. Although probably more for Instagramming opportunities, alas. But still, one of our favourite contemporary urban landscape artists, Edward Waite returns this autumn 2018 with his hotly-anticipated new original release observed here. Observed in the same frame as the Houses of Parliament at Westminster, just to illustratively reiterate the precise grid co-ordinates we’re talking about here. Literally, CALL us now, for more information!

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