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  • Contemporary artist, Alexander Millar has spent his whole life residing and making a living in his now na...

  • Established British artist Caroline Shotton creates whimsical, irreverent pieces positively rammed with e...

  • “Sometimes it is difficult to put things into words, my works says a good deal more.” That’s how critical...

  • We all have it drummed into us from an early age that crime doesn’t pay, however for one contemporary art...

  • With the shipyards of the North East historically being the lifeblood of local communities which were bui...

  • Fine artist Paul Kenton was just 12 years of age when he made his first, indelible mark on the contempora...

  • Peter Smith can pinpoint the precise time and place when he realised that his future would be that of an ...

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Recently Updated Artists

  • Danielle O'Connor Akiyama

    It’s not an injustice to suggest that flowers play an integral and prominent role in Danielle O’Connor Akiyama’s s More

  • Leanne Christie

    Born in Warwickshire, Leanne Christie spent her formative years in Cornwall and now lives and works in Devon. Pain More

  • Jane Morgan

    Jane Morgan was born in Cornwall, England in 1966, her love of art was encouraged by her parents who were both not More

  • Leigh Lambert

    Newcastle-Upon-Tyne born and bred, Leigh Lambert started drawing at a very early age as many children do, but his More

  • Mark Grieves

    For critically acclaimed contemporary figurative fine artist, Mark Grieves, his childhood was one of brilliant mem More

  • Craig Davison

    Figurative artist, Craig Davison sets his works of art within a child’s mind and how a kid envisages the exciting, More

  • John Beswick

    Biography Coming Soon More

  • Doug Hyde

    There’s a raft of richly descriptive words that single out a Doug Hyde work of contemporary art, from warm and inv More