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  • Born in Mirfield, West Yorkshire in 1960 Nigel Cooke is a natural born artist, he sold his first painting...

  • Allan was born in 1952, he attended Swansea Art College and graduated from Coventry College of Art with a...

  • The epitome of fun. Flamboyant. Gregarious character. Sunny disposition. These and more are the descripti...

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Recently Updated Artists

  • Gary Walton

    Gary was born in Worcester in 1962. Although he demonstrated a talent for art from an early age, he never consider More

  • Paul James

    Cows, gorillas, ducks and polar bears tend to be spotted at a distance in fields, rainforests, ponds and Antarctic More

  • Ben Jeffery

    Ben was born in 1986 and spent his formative years in Barnet, North London, where his Grandfather introduced him t More

  • Joy Kirton Smith

    Joy Kirton-Smith derives much of her artistic inspiration from travelling and seeking out and absorbing the creati More

  • Kerry Darlington

    With an apparent fixation with nature, and trees in particular featuring prominently in her most popular works of More

  • Simon Wright

    Simon was born in West Yorkshire in 1974. From as early as he can remember Simon has always been drawing and More

  • Hue Folk

    Contrary to ones first thoughts Hue Folk, is not the name of an individual artist, but in fact a group of individu More

  • Mackenzie Thorpe

    With the shipyards of the North East historically being the lifeblood of local communities which were built up aro More