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  • Born in Mirfield, West Yorkshire in 1960 Nigel Cooke is a natural born artist, he sold his first painting...

  • The epitome of fun. Flamboyant. Gregarious character. Sunny disposition. These and more are the descripti...

  • Allan was born in 1952, he attended Swansea Art College and graduated from Coventry College of Art with a...

Recently Updated Artworks

Recently Updated Artists

  • Joe Galindo

    Coming Soon More

  • Kimberley Harris

    Now one of Suffolk’s most prolific landscape artists, Kimberley Harris’s enchanting floral paintings with stunning More

  • Mark Davies

    ‘Mark Davies breathes new life into your favourite stories by providing the light you cannot find in the darkness More

  • Jennine Parker

    Acclaimed contemporary sculpture and fine artist, Jennine Parker’s signature work conveys a depth of passion for t More

  • JJ Adams

    Punking-up portraits since 2009 there’s a new kid in town who blends the arts of a tattooist with those of a graff More

  • Henderson Cisz

    Born near Maringa, found lying within the Parana State of Brazil in 1960, Henderson Cisz showed an earlier interes More

  • John Horsewell

    From a very early age, Essex born John Horsewell, was aware of the love of art in his family, so it was as natural More

  • Dotty

    Coming Soon More